Rules, Regulations and Contract Information

Deposits: Deposits are transferrable when cancellation is prior to 30 days of the event date. You can use your transferred deposit for up to 2 years from the original scheduled event. Holidays and special events such as The Kentucky Derby are always non-refundable. An event will not be booked until a deposit is received. 


Contract: Our contract is the invoice you receive and pay the deposit on. All times and dates are agreed upon within the invoice. Party bus rental is for the times listed on the invoice. See bottom of this page to read the entire contract. By sending in your depost, you  attest that you have read the contract and are in agreement.


Smoking: There is absolutely no smoking on the party bus. Infringement of this rule may result in immediate cancellation of the contract and forfeiture of all money paid.


Alcohol: Any and all drinks brought on board are purchased by and are the responsibility of the Client. There will be no under age drinking upon the bus. Any and all riders must be able to present a valid ID upon the request of the driver.


Cleanup: We do not charge a deposit for cleaning after your party bus excursion. In the event that there is an extraordinary amount of clean-up, we reserve the right to charge you an additional $100.00. If you or one of your guests gets sick in the bus, you agree to pay an additional $175.00 for cleaning and sanitation of the bus.( all of the seats and the inside of the bus must be disassembled and sanitized)


Damages: Any and all damages incurred from a client or clients guests will be reimbursed immediately by the client.


Payments: Payments can be made by card or cash. All payments are due 72 hours before the event if paying by card, or at time of pick up if paying in cash. We can not accept payment of the original invoice after the excursion is over. Additonal hours must be paid before the original time is over and the additional time is started. 


Driver Gratuity: The driver gratuity is typically paid after the party bus excursion and is typicall based on the service you received and the overall experience. There is no set amount for you to tip your driver.


Hourly minimums: The reason we (and everone in the industry) have hourly minimums is because we have to be able to cover the cost of Insurance, Interior and Exterior vehicle cleaning and drivers charges. A 2hr excursion cannot cover those costs.


Sun-Friday is a 3 hr minimum

Saturday is a 4 hour minimum

Out of town events are 5 hour minimums                            (Lexington,Louisville,Columbus,Dayton,Indianapolis)

Hourly minimums can sometimes be adjusted, but the hourly rate is subject to change.


                  Contract for Services Rendered

This is a contract entered into by Elegant Excursions( the provider) and the Client listed upon the invoice. Entered into upon the date stated on the invoice that the deposit was received. The providers place of business is listed as 216 East 20th St, Covington Ky. 41014 and the Clients address will be listed on the invoice. The client hereby engages the povider to provide services described under the area entitled "description" on the invoice.

The provider hereby agrees to provide the client with such services in exchange for consideration of the amount listed on the invoice.

                Scope and manner of services.

Services to be rendered by provider. Rental of the party bus for the total time listed on the invoice. Driving to the locations of your intended stops within local distances. Additional time can typically be added( if the bus isn't already contracted after the original rental time) by paying for the additional time before the additional time starts.

                Payment for Services Rendered.

Payment for the  party bus excursion will be at an hourly rate or a set price which is listed on the invoice.              The invoice total NEVER includes the driver gratuity or additional charges or additional time. Payment will be made prior to, or at time of, pick up of passengers( depending upon payment method). The invoice total does not include clean up of excessive messes, sick patrons or damages incurred by client or clients guests. Anyone invited or allowed upon the bus is considered a guest of the Clients and is the responsibiltiy of the Client.

                                 Applicable Law

This contract shall be governed by the laws of the County of Kenton in the State of Kentucky and any applicable Federal law.


Signatures will be acquired upon the Wavier of Liability form and considerd valid for the Contract for Services Randered.






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